Peter Mulvey at The Loft this Sunday!

Buy tickets for Peter Mulvey at The Loft

Don’t miss Peter Mulvey this Sunday.
Check him out.
Sept. 19th this Sunday night starting at 7:00 pm.
Tickets only $12!

“I like making records,” reflects songwriter Peter Mulvey, “but my job is the live show: getting on stage and taking people
somewhere.” Peter’s latest audio tour is on his 12th CD, LETTERS FROM A FLYING MACHINE.
Somewhere in the sky, perhaps on a flight to Amsterdam or Anchorage, or any of the stops on his nearly constant tours, Peter
Mulvey often puts pencil to paper and composes another letter to one of his many nieces or nephews, as he has done since
the birth if his first niece nine years ago. Four of these letters find their way onto LETTERS FROM A FLYING MACHINE. The
album is largely a collection of new original songs, with the letters (read aloud, to the rumble of airplane engines and instrumental
accompaniment) serving as a framing device. Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange proclaimed the album “a lyrical delight,”
and Blurt described it, simply, as “brilliant.”
Over the past 20 years, Mulvey has pursued an eclectic path as a writer and musician, performing on the streets of Dublin,
the subways of Boston and now, touring as a headliner. He’s shared the stage with Emmylou Harris, Richard Thompson,
Ani DiFranco, and Indigo Girls, and attracted an audience that stretches around the globe. His work also finds him collaborating
with theatre and dance companies, and teaching guitar and songwriting workshops.
In every aspect of his career, Mulvey draws on an extremely broad swath of influence; he is always reading, listening, and
eager to hear new poetry, modern minimalist composers, old-time fiddle tunes, Argentinean trip-hop, or top-shelf bar bands.
The Irish Times: “Peter Mulvey is a phenomenal performer with huge energy, a quick fire, quirky take on life, and an extraordinary
guitar style. A joy to see.”
Still, it is the live performance that defines that work. Night after night, whether performing solo, duo (with David “Goody”
Goodrich), or sometimes with a band, Mulvey attempts to be the sum of his parts, to draw on all the musical legacies he has
studied, to make a fresh, vital moment out of everything he and the audience have brought to the table that night. “People
need this. I need this. To come together in a room, to try to make music come alive, for real, for right now, and then to let it
go… that is the whole deal for me.”
For three years now, Peter has done an annual Fall tour entirely by bicycle, partly for environmental reasons and partly for the
sheer fun of continuing his creative, unorthodox approach to a long and fruitful artistic career. For his September, 2009 THE
LONG HAUL TOUR, Peter will bike 1,100 miles from Michigan to Massachusetts, performing 10 concerts over 17 days.


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