K Republic at The Loft this Saturday night at 7pm!

Time: 7pm

Tickets $7


K Republic is the American spinoff of platinum-selling Russian rock group Kukryniksy. Originally signed to a Warner Brothers affiliated label in Russia, Kukryniksy has been a popular staple on the Russian rock scene since 1999. In 2008, Alex Gorshenev, the frontman for Kukryniksy was introduced to American singer-songwriter Stephanie Starr and the idea for an English language crossover album was born. The new project became K Republic, and the forthcoming artistic concept hinged on the chemistry between Gorshenev and Starr, a male-female vocal partnership that produces a softer, more ethereal sound. Though formed from the original members of Kukryniksy with the addition of Starr, K Republic is a major artistic departure and is the only joint Russian-American rock band in the world. As such, K Republic has attracted lots of press attention in Eastern Europe, including a write up in Rolling Stone Magazine. The publication tagged K Republic a “gothic-country” act. K Republic’s maxi single Last Resort was released in December 2009. The full-length LP, “All Those Things I Left Behind” is scheduled for release on September 24th, 2010.


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